Birthworkshop  - prepare for birth - couples

English private birth preparing classes. We will talk about natural birth, and what can happen during birth, if the birth doesn't progress as planned. What can midwives and doctors do to help you in these situations. What is possible in Denmark, medical help, birthing positions, the birthbreath and pain relief.
How is it to be the father or helper during birth, what is expected and how is life in the new family. The day will be just as relevant for the mother and the father, and will fully prepare you for birth. I belive that knowledge will make you feel calm, ready and prepared.
You will learn to give massage and will receive a number of questions before the actual class so the day will be tailormade, for the participating couples. 


Many couples becomes friends after the class and can help, support and follow eachother after birth. The class is right now, only available, in Nordsjślland Kokkedal/Karlebo in my yogacenter.
When you write for a new class, that isn't listet, then we arrange the date and time together with the other couples, and you can all influence the date and time.


Preparing for birth in Denmark English classes

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Duration 4 hours. Price 400 kr per person, couples 800 kr. 

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