Private consultations


We will talk about all, concerning birth, theory, bodywork and you will not need any other preparation.
This is a private 1:1 couple birthpreparing/bodywork session.

It will be 3 hours where you will receive a full birthpreparing class  
We will talk about your expectations, and thoughts and go through the birthprocess and the danish healthcare system. We will work with body and breathwork during birth. You will learn all you need to know about birth, theory, for active birth and the options when birth isn't progressing. What can the midwives and doctors do to help you and the baby, what can happen during a birth and what can be done. Knowning all the possible situations, will give you the knowledge, that makes you feel fully prepared, know what is next and not meet surprises. You will learn techniques from the Yoga tradition and from my expirence as a midwife, and you will use the new knowlegde through birth and for preparing at home. I will support you, during the rest of your pregnancy, with help and questions you may have until you give birth.
Duration 3 hours, adr, in Kokkedal/Karlebo, Price 2500 kr